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Becoming "Grounded"

As I have been navigating this new path, I have been using methods such as meditation, breathing exercises to become "grounded". What does that actually mean to be "grounded"? Per Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

: mentally and emotionally stable : admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious

remains grounded despite all the praise and attention

So, why is that we always think that to be grounded means you have to have feet on the ground..........and that it has something to do with the earth?

I have been working with Anna Hall of the Purpose Equation. We have been working on values and looking at time and how I relate to it. For me, I am in the past, future, and present at the same time.

Several years ago at my old house, our house was in a flash flood - our backyard was destroyed and our basement was flooded. This was a house that was my home since high school. A builder contacted us and said they had the perfect house for us. Little did we know how perfect.... it was one level with a semi-finished basement (perfect for my dad in his condition), a huge yard (for the dogs, and for my mom's garden). In addition to the house and grounds, it was clear enough to see the stars at night and clouds during the day.

Seeing the stars and clouds here (on semi-clear days) (I don't do well with weather changes), gives me peace and harmony. When I started working with disabled kids, I realized how much I needed that "grounding" and realized my grounding was not the earth, but the sky - the stars, moon, and clouds. A friend of mine thought this made sense to me, being that I am a Gemini, an air sign. Maybe this is why I love the feeling of aerial silks, being up in the air and flying - and why I love flying!

I have been reading Mark Nepo's book "The One Life we're given". It has been so impactful for me. Today I was reading where he talked about the Ferris Wheel being a bridge from the sky to the earth. Thinking about that makes me realize that my grounding exercise of being in the clouds "cloud time" is the bridge.

Being grounded is not the same for everyone. For some, water is important....for others it is important to have feet on the ground, and for others it is important to have "cloud time" or whatever else gives them peace.

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