Feeling defeated and getting back on the horse

This has been an incredibly difficult week for me. I had car problems. I am a caregiver and it was a challenging week. Moving a patient is not just about physical endeavor, but a mental one....not just for the caregiver, but also for the patient. My dad has Lyme disease and has challenges in physical and mental abilities. Sometimes it is a fight against what he is able to do and what he thinks he can do. Caregivers get injured, no matter how careful you think you are being. I was injured in a combination of snow shoveling and caregiving duties.

In addition, I am also job searching and working on my final project for the UX bootcamp, my industry design project. Everyday I receive a rejection so the challenge is to stay positive in the face of this. Through Springboard, I have career coaching calls and I had an inspiring call with mine on negotiation. I know I need to do more research but I also know it is possible to get a job I love and get pain my worth.

As a result of my experience as a caregiver (including doing my first Capstone project on it, I am passionate and interested in working with older adults and technology, particularly in the caregiving and telehealth spaces. Recently I found a site called the Gerontologist, by Keren Etkin. She is an inspiration to me and where I want to be professionally. She posted on LinkedIn an article by Melinda Gates about how caregiving is the key to fixing the economy.

I am thankful for trailblazers like Keren Etking and Melinda Gates for showing me the way. So back on the horse I am looking at Melinda Gates and Keren Etking for inspiration. Thank you!

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