Internships, apprenticeships for professionals?

This morning I am getting around to reading some of the email newsletters that I get. On a daily basis, I usually don't have time to read them. But this morning, this article caught my attention. This article that was in the Chronicle of Higher Education's newsletter speaks about internships for doctorate candidates. I was conferred a year ago for my doctorate and that was something I wanted but didn't exist. After I was conferred I looked fro a job through the normal channels, linked-in, Indeed, higher-ed. I got rejection after rejection. Perhaps this was the beginning of the economy that we now know of that includes competition for certain jobs. In March I started a UX/UI bootcamp, realizing that I was over-educated and under-skilled. Since then, perhaps due to the economy, I have learned of others who have higher-education degrees (masters and doctorates) who have had needed to skill-up through coursework, bootcamps, and extra degrees. As I learned about Sketch, UI and UX design and research, I realized that I needed more hands-on experience. I searched for UX internships and found I didn't qualify because I was not in an academic educational program and didn't want to pursue another one with a bachelors, 2 masters, and a doctorate under my belt. I did find one apprenticeship and applied to it. It was looking positive, as I researched the company, reviewed the characteristics of the previous apprentices. There was a combination of interns who had doctorates and who had gone or were going through bootcamps.

What I am finding is that there is no clear definition of what an apprenticeship or an internship. Searching for those terms in lots of cases will come up with results that include bootcamps, or in some cases not true apprenticeships or internships. As I have understood it , an internship is an opportunity to build hands-on learning, while you learn through coursework. I had actually applied to one that was listed as an internship but was rejected because I didn't have a portfolio. The term apprenticeship is fine, as with silversmiths, or other trade related positions, the apprentice works alongside a senior tradesman. They learn the trade by doing. I do not believe that this term should be used for bootcamps, even though there is some of that. In an apprenticeship there should be more of it throughout the process in multiple areas.

It appears as though we might need another term and a definition for this work/learning opportunity where we are learning and building upon our skills. I would be interested in hearing or learning about possible terms and definitions to internships and apprenticeships for professionals.

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