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Living my Purpose

For many years, I have felt like I am on a roller-coaster, not sure where it is going, how to slow it down, or how to get off of it. I have felt that I didn't know who Dr. Cybele Wu is. Sure, some knew...but I didn't. I am not my resume, my , CV, or what others expect me to be. I am who I am.

I have gone through the struggle o finding my path all my life, chosen jobs that I wasn't sure why I chose. I have gone through a difficult divorce, I became a caregiver and was for 10 years for my dad. He transitioned in September. But, I know he is still with me, guiding me. I was blessed to have Frank Wu as my father and guide through life. However, when he passed, I felt that I didn't know who I was or what I was supposed to do, even through, many years doing an intense job search. I happened to find out about the Care Colloquium and met with Kimberly Whiter , an amazing powerhouse who envisioned the event and made it happen. Through her, I found out about Anna Hall and The Purpose Equation . I was not sure what to expect when I started but knew that I needed a shift. After many sessions with her, we now have me, in the form or an equation:

What does all of this mean? My core values are spirituality (I am not a religious being.... I have my head in the clouds, as that is how I ground myself), I come from a creative family (although I have not always believed I was so..... but now know my writing, needle work, photography are all part of that). Relationships are important to me. and I am one who wants everyone to get along - my relationships with my friends and family are key to who I am. Friendliness - how someone relates to me tells me everything I need to go forward..

The middle area, "Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence is my top strength, when I notice everything that is beauty, excellent, in all domains of life, in every day life. It is my guiding star, where I notice beautiful things, and tells me when something might be off. For example, I worked in behavioral health, working with developmentally challenged kids. There were dietary and treatment areas that I saw as wrong and didn't believe in.

I took a personality test and it resulted high in sensing, being imaginative, insightful, and bold. Being bold is not something I have believed I am to. But, I am. How am I bold? I completed a doctorate, became a caregiver, and went 10001%, even when losing my freedom to do things I deep down felt I wanted to do.

There are many definitions of success out there but mine is this one: Success is making a difference in community, connection, and love.

I process life and being free through cloud time (which is how I ground myself) and creativity.

I use familial and ancestral connections to create meaning and learning that guide me in my decisions. One of my shark sisters, Lee Williams told me about Somatic Writing which uses the power of the ancestors to write memoirs or whatever you are wanting to write. Being a 1/4 Chinese, I have always wondered about that Chinese ancestral energy so writing with their help is perfect for my soul and spirit. Thank you, Lee!

I am transcendent in the way I sense, have visions, and experience time of higher self in myself and others.

Many thanks to my family (especially my dad), Anna Hall, my shark sisters, and my friends who have stood by me and believed in me.

I will stay true to this purpose, as I find whatever that next path might be but it must have travel, writing, and spirituality! Stay tuned to find out more of what that might entail. As for my next steps, there are some upcoming trips where I will use this purpose through writing, and photography.

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