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Making a better jewelry store experience

Like most caregivers, I rarely go out, not because I don't want to, but because it is often stressful and difficult. Just getting into the car to go a short distance can often be problematic. Issues that can arise can mental, physical, and bathroom accidents.

However, yesterday my mom, dad (the patient), our two dogs and I piled into the truck. My dad had to go to the dentist. We were blown away by the compassion that we received by his office. The dentist came out and worked on my dad's teeth and made a mold, right in the truck. I know this is not common treatment for every dentist office but it is worth mentioning because it is above and beyond! We were planning on going to dinner at a restaurant that we felt was safe. However, after the trouble that occurred of getting him into the truck (this is not an every-time occurrence but we never know how easy or hard it might be), we decided to pick up food, instead of eating at the restaurant. Because we had to wait for the food, we walked around and went into a jewelry store.

I have not been in a jewelry store in 9 years when I told my engagement ring. I am not sure if what I was feeling was as a result of my memories, or if it was something else. Even prior to Covid, I have felt that jewelry stores had an air of impersonalization. I am reminded of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she goes into a store and they won't serve her because they don't believe she can afford it. I am not a big jewelry wearer, even if I could afford more of it. It is just not part of my lifestyle, as I am an Aerlist (beginning, but an Aerlist) so wearing big rings would not work. Still on special occasions it would be nice.

So, how do we change the perception of a jewelry store as being above the average, to be more inclusive?

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