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Utilization Efficacy Perceptions of Telepractice for Speech-Language Pathologists and University Faculty and Administrators: A Qualitative Delphi Study. Cybele Wu, 2019: Applied Dissertation, Nova Southeastern University, Abraham S. Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice. Keywords: Delphi Method, Speech-Language Pathology, telepractice, reimbursement barriers, technology acceptance, licensing barriers, HIPAA compliance, technology use


Telepractice (or telehealth, teletherapy, tele-rehabilitation) is becoming more common. Speech-language pathology entered the world of telemedicine later than other fields of medicine. With the increasing size of the aging population with the baby boomers, the need for speech-language pathology can be achieved through practitioners using Telepractice. Despite the need, barriers such as reimbursement, licensing, privacy and confidentiality, technology and technology acceptance are hindering the adoption of telepractice. This study uses the Delphi methodology with qualitative data collection and analysis to come to a consensus on how to best regulate and operate Telepractice with speech-language pathology so that it is more readily adopted.


The panel of 11 experts were identified and organized into three groups: 6 speech-language pathologists working with adult and geriatric patients, 2 regulatory experts, and 3 university speech-language pathology program faculty and administrators. The Delphi method was used in multiple rounds to collect data on the barriers to Telepractice, as well as potential solutions.


Rounds included: individual semi-structured interviews (barriers, training and curriculum, technology acceptance and use, HIPAA compliance), statements from data collected in previous rounds, where participants made additional comments and voted, and final presentation of results to participants. During this final round results and solutions were presented, as well as suggestions for technology training options to speech-language pathologists.

Wu, C. (2020). 25 Years of Ed Tech [book review of 25 Years of Ed Tech by Weller, Martin. The Quarterly Review of Distance Education, Volume 21(1), 2020, pp. 53–55
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Powerability: A mobility equipment app for caregivers (Digital Health Poster Presentation- virtual) Human Factors Ergonomics in Health Care, Remote conference February 2021
In this poster presentation at the Human Factors Ergonomics in Health Care Symposium, a recorded presentation of selected aspects of the case study, including reasons why, research elements to style guide, including designed screens. Usability tests revealed positive results to changes in the design and research.
Telemedicine and Telepractice in Speech-Language Pathology (Poster Presentation) NSU's Going Digital Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. February 2019

In this poster presentation at Nova Southeastern University's Going Digital conference, different terms for telehealth/telepractice were defined. The layout of the study for using the Delphi, including theoretical models were discussed. This presentation was presented prior to data collection.

Utilization Efficacy Perceptions of Telepractice for Speech-Language Pathologists and University Faculty Administrators: A Qualitative Delphi Study (Poster Presentation), Convergence Telehealth Summit, Williamsburg, VA April 2019

The Convergence Telehealth Summit is a yearly conference put on by the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center. This poster presentation covered the study of telepractice utilization with speech language pathologists using the Delphi Method, using speech language pathologists, regulatory experts, and university facilitators. This presentation was conducted during data collection during round 1 of individual interviews.

Utilization Efficacy Perceptions for Speech-Language Pathologists and University Faculty and Administrators.  TQR 11th Annual Conference (Paper Presentation)  
Ft. Lauderdale, FL January 2020

In this presentation, conducted post-completion, and prior to Covid-19, Telepractice was defined, Delphi method explained, including theoretical frameworks. Results were stated including which areas did not make consensus, why, and possible solutions and best practices for speech languages pathologists providing Telepractice.